About Interelectro

International organization of economic and scientific-technical cooperation in the range of electrical industry “Interelectro” established on the basis of the Agreement, signed by the governments of several countries, including the Soviet Union, on 13th December, 1973.

To Interelectro is applied the Convention relating to the legal status, privileges and immunities of interstate economic organizations in specific sectors of cooperation, signed in Budapest on 5th December, 1980.

Interelectro, essentially, is an organization, which unites electrical industry of countries and protects their interests.

Using new forms of cooperation, Interelectro seeks to ensure that its activities meet the scientific and technical policy, the predictions of the development of technology and the needs of production and production distribution.
Currently, members of Interelectro at the governmental level are 24 states, as well as a large number of associations and companies: in the field of Interelectro’s activity exist more than 500 engineering companies and enterprises from 46 countries.
The aim of the creation of Interelectro is assistance to the best satisfaction of needs of the participating countries in the electrotechnical production of high quality, expansion and intensification of economic and scientific-technical cooperation between countries on basis of maintenance of mutual interests.
Interelectro is a nonprofit state-financed organization. It is funded by contributions from countries and companies, as well as at the expense of holding exhibitions, conferences, workshops and production of promotional products.
Currently, the organization of international cooperation within the framework of Interelectro usually begins at the state level (or at the level authorized by the appropriate public authorities of industry associations and unions) and practically implements by economic entities (companies, enterprises, organizations). Cooperation within the bounds of Interelectro carried out both at multilateral and bilateral basis. A certain part in organization of bilateral cooperation in recent years acts intergovernmental commission of economic and scientific-technical cooperation, which attract firms, companies and organizations to their work, which are involved in Interelectro. Also, for the informational preparation of different meetings exists Interelectro’s Secretariat.
Currently, the main areas of Interelectro’s activity are:
•    creation of an information system in the electrical industry for companies, businesses and organizations working within the bounds of Interelectro which helps to track the situation on markets of goods, investments, innovation techniques, changes of the legal and regulatory framework and the state industrial policy;
•    preparation and implementation of agreements of cooperation in order to develop competitive electrical production for energy sector and electrical engineering;
•    creation of joint enterprises and industries;
•    development of economic relations between the manufacturers of electrical products and trade and regional consumers;
•    realization of investment projects to development of production of electrical products and special technological equipment;
•    cooperation with the international institutions of European Union, Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) and other international organizations;
•    collection and compilation of bids of companies and enterprises, information on potential consumers of their products;
•    holding of international exhibitions, conferences and company presentations, the further development of economic cooperation on the basis set out in the course of their contacts;
•    preparation and distribution of periodic information about newly introduced laws and regulations in countries-members of Interelectro;
•    decisions of the Government and the relevant executive authorities and other documents regulating international cooperation;
•    production standardization and certification.





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